Global Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Industry

Development Conference


  • J.J. Schröder

    Dr J.J. Schröder has worked for 36 years for Wageningen UR as a senior scientist on nutrient management (N and P cycling, losses, use efficiency) at the scale of fields (soil-crop), farms (soil-crop-livestock-manure), regions (farms-industries-societies) and continents. During the last fifteen years he is involved in the underpinning and preparation of legislation on nutrient use, in particular in view of Action Programmes related to the EU Nitrates Directive. He is the principle author of the EU recommendations for establishing Action Programmes under Directive 91/676/EEC (Part B, farming practices) in relation to water pollution risks, principle author of a EU report on sustainable use of phosphorus and leader of a work package on nutrient cycling in the current EU LANDMARK project. He is first author of over twenty peer-reviewed journal papers.

  • Markus Walsh

    Markus Walsh, is a Senior Research Scientist in Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology with the Earth Institute at Columbia University. His research focuses on developing operational tools for diagnosis, mapping and monitoring of the ecological condition of African landscapes with an emphasis on the application of IT and data science in agriculture. He is currently based at the Selian Agricultural Research Institute in Arusha, Tanzania, where he is the chief scientist coordinator of the Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS). He holds a PhD in Rangeland Ecology from Texas A&M University and BSc degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Mechanization from Iowa State University.

  • Paulo Pavinato

    Research History Paulo Pavinato is assistant professor at Soil Science Department, ESALQ/USP. He holds a degree in Agronomy and a master\'s degree in Soil Science from the Federal University of Santa Maria (2004) and a PhD in Agronomy/Agriculture from UNESP Botucatu-SP, with emphasis on soil chemistry and soil fertility (2007). His current faculty lectures are on soil fertility and fertilizers use, involving fertilizer management in succession of crops. His recent research involves understanding the soil phosphorus lability under management and cover crops use, aiming to maximize phosphorus use efficiency in tropical soils from Brazil. Graduations 2002 Agronomist Engineer at Federal University of Santa Maria - UFSM 2004 Master in Soil Science at Federal University of Santa Maria - UFSM 2007 PhD in Agronomy/Agriculture, São Paulo State University - UNESP – Granted by FAPESP 2018 PosDoc at Bangor University, Bangor - UK History 2012-now Assistant professor at Department of Soil Science – ESALQ/USP 2008-2012 Professor at Federal Technological University of Paraná - UTFPR 2007-2008 Lecturer at State University of Centerwest - UNICENTRO

  • Ran Erel

    Research interests and Professional Expertise Root-soil interactions; Phosphorus chemistry is soils and phosphate acquisition by plants; Plant\'s response to nutrients deficiency; Physiological response of plants to nutrients; Plant nutrition under abiotic stress. University Education Dates Description 2003 – 2005 B.Sc. in Agronomy, Soil and Water Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 2006 – 2009 M.Sc. in Plant Science in Agriculture (Cum Laude) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Supervision by: Prof. Amnon Schwartz. Dr. Arnon Dag and Dr. Uri Yermiyahu 2010 – 2014 Ph.D. in Plant Science in Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Supervision by: Prof. Amnon Schwartz and Dr. Uri Yermiyahu 2014 – 2015 Postdoctoral position at. INRA, UMR Eco&Sols Montpellier, France with Prof. Philippe Hinsinger Positions Held and Academic Status 2009 – 2014 Extension Service Advisor; Israeli Bio-Organic Agriculture Association (IBOAA). Olive cultivation specialist. 2016-to date Research Scientist at the ARO, The Volcani Center, Gilat

  • Zaiying Yang

    Senior engineer. Graduated from the department of materials science and engineering, chongqing university in July 2004, engaged in technical research, industry consulting, standard setting and other work in (national) institute of building materials industry technical information.

  • Gang Liu

    Liu gang, graduated from Beijing university of chemical technology in 1982, and was awarded the professor-level senior engineer title in 2001. He has been engaged in the technical management of fertilizer and soil conditioner standardization, fertilizer testing and chemical risk identification for 29 years. Liu Gangceng of Shanghai chemical industry research institute, director of the center for testing, the national quality supervision and inspection center (Shanghai) chemical fertilizer, chemicals and product safety and quality supervision and inspection center, national Shanghai classification of dangerous chemicals production safety supervision and inspection center taxonomic identification of dangerous chemicals, chemical industry, deputy director of the national fertilizer and soil conditioner standardization technical committee (SAC/TC 105) secretary general, SAC/TC105 SC3, SC4, SC5, director of the committee, the national dangerous chemicals management standardization technical committee, National compulsory certification (3C certification) and ISO9000 quality system certification national registered senior auditor, national industrial product production license national registered senior auditor. Vice President of Stanley Group Co.,Ltd and convener of ISO/TC134 WG1 (working Group on inorganic fertilizers)

  • Shijun Wang

    Wang shijun, vice President of QingHai Salt Lake Industry Co.,Ltd.. Since 1990, after graduating from college, has been in QingHai Salt Lake Industry Co.,Ltd. is engaged in technology research and management , organization and participation finished chaerhan Salt Lake brine resources dynamic monitoring project, intercrystalline brine large-scale mining, conveying technology research, low grade solid potash dissolved into technology development and industrialization projects, taking the development of the western region of 1 million tons/year potash project, national major Industry structure adjustment of new 1 million tons of potash project design and construction management, participate in more than 20 provincial, national science and technology projects, science and technology achievements 16, eight national, provincial science and technology progress prize, Authorization 11 national patents, has published more than 40, host and participate in formulation of the country, the industry of qinghai province seven local standards, create salt lake resource development dynamic monitoring system, the salt lake brine resources exploitation system and low grade solid potash dissolved into demonstration base, for the construction of base of qinghai salt lake potash and made important contribution to the development of national salt lake potash fertilizer technology. He has been awarded the title of \"young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions\", outstanding expert of qinghai province, academic leader of natural science and engineering technology of qinghai province, and leader of the thousand talents program for high-end innovative talents of qinghai province.

  • Gregor Pasda

    Dr. Gregor Pasda, Agronomist, more than 25 years with BASF, fertilizer specialist especially in nitrification and urease inhibitors.

  • Bio Rim Bennani

    Ms Rim Bennani was appointed as VP Sales East Asia & Oceania in March 2018. Rim has been working for OCP Group for more than 8 years. She was previously VP Group Strategy for 4 years and worked on Strategy & M&A dossiers within the Chairman Office. Before OCP Group, she worked for Exane BNP Paribas covering Chemicals & Ag Input stocks, as an Equity Research VP. Rim holds a Master of Science in Business Management, with a Finance Major, from HEC Paris.


    Mr. Rakesh Kapur, President of International Fertilizer Association (IFA), is the Joint Managing Director, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. (IFFCO), which is the largest fertilizer Cooperative in the World with a turnover of USD 4 Billion (2018-19). Mr. Kapur has been associated with the fertilizer sector for the past 25 years. Mr. Kapur held various senior positions in Government of India in the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Ministry of Finance (Income Tax Department) prior to his joining IFFCO in the year 2000 as Finance Director. Mr. Kapur serves on the Board of Directors of several Indian and Foreign Companies apart from being the Managing Director of two Indian Companies, Vice-Chairman of one Joint Venture Company and Chairman of another Joint Venture Company. He was the Chairman, Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) during 2015-17 and Oman India Fertilizer Company S.A.O.C. during 2009-10 and 2014-15. He has traveled widely and participated in various national and international Seminars / Conferences, and presented papers on different subjects. Mr. Kapur is a former Indian Revenue Service Officer who holds B. Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi with a Post-Graduation in Management.