Global Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Industry

Development Conference

9:00-12:00 AM, August 28

MIIT leader’s address

MARA leader’s address

CPCIF leader’s address

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The conference’s theme reports 10:00-12:00 AM

Status quo of World Food and Agriculture

The World’s Macro Economy, Energy and Fertilizer

Scientific Understanding of the Role of Fertilizer

Release the Global Initiative for the Green Development of Fertilizer

14:00-17:30 PM, August 28
  • Forum 1: Innovation and Breakthrough Join Hand with Sustainable Development

    Focus on the common vision and goals of ecology, environmental protection and health, and summarize and analyze the development environment of the global phosphate and compound fertilizer industry, the development status quo of major fertilizer varieties as well as the resources, technology, equipment and regional policies that affect the industrial development. Share international experience and practices in the comprehensive utilization of resources, the innovation and upgrading of products and the improvement of industrial efficiency by applying advanced technology, and bring together the global wisdom to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

    Interview: Major country representatives from both supply and demand sides talk about their countries’ views on the sustainable development of fertilizer

  • Forum 2: Agriculture and Fertilizer Collaborate to Protect Food Security (organized and presided over by Prof. Zhang Fusuo)

    Study the development direction and requirements of modern agriculture, exchange the latest research progress in improving the utilization efficiency of phosphorus nutrient, share the success cases and experience models in the global nutrient management and application as well as in the coordinated development of agriculture, resources and environment, and explore the path and ways for the coordinated development of fertilizer and agriculture.

9:00-12:00 AM, August 29
  • Forum 3: Free Trade, Interconnection and Sharin

    Invite well-known experts, scholars and business representatives in the field of chemical fertilizers at home and abroad to interpret the changes in global fertilizer development trends and trade patterns, to explore the trade needs and potentials of hotspot areas/regions, and to deeply analyze the upstream and downstream production, supply and demand status quo and trends of the international fertilizer industry and the industrial chain, so as to promote global free trade, win-win and cooperation.

    Interview: (1) talk about views on the pattern of the international phosphate fertilizer market; (2) the trends of supply and demand sides, and the characteristics and potential of emerging markets such as Africa.

  • Forum 4: Green Production and Environmental Friendliness

    Invite world-renowned companies to exchange their innovations in the products, production processes, technologies and equipment of phosphate and compound fertilizer and to share their business models and experiences in corporate marketing, service and promotion, so as to learn from each other and guide the industry to develop towards the green, environment-friendly, ecological and efficient direction.

    Interview: Talk about how to improve the quality and efficiency of fertilizers