Global Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Industry

Development Conference

9:00-9:40 AM, August 28

MIIT leader’s address

MARA leader’s address

CPCIF leader’s address

IFA leader’s address

9:40-10:00 Tea break

The conference’s theme reports 10:00-12:00 AM

10:00-10:35 Status quo of World Food and Agriculture--Dr. Zineb Bazza, GSP Consultant FAO

10:35-11:10 Chinese Fertilizer development and outlook –Mr. Zhou Zhuye,Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and President of China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association

11:10-11:50 Scientific Understanding of the Role of Fertilizer--Prof.zhangfusuo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean and Professor of the National Green Development College, China Agricultural University

11:50-12:00 Release the Global Initiative for the Green Development of Fertilizer

13:30-17:30 PM, August 28
  • Forum 1: Innovation and Breakthrough Join Hand with Sustainable Development

    13:30-14:00 Nitrogen fertilizer outlook- Mr. Grant Roberts, Chief agronomist of Asia Pacific, YARA

    14:00-14:30 Phosphate fertilizer outlook - Mrs. Rim BENNANI, Vice president-sales east Asia and Oceania commercial Direction, OCP

    14:30-15:00 Potash fertilizer outlook – WANG shijun, Vice president-sales department, QingHai Salt Lake Industry Co.,Ltd.

    15:00-15:30 Compound fertilizer outlook - Dr.Mathias Schroder, General manager of Asia Pacific, Eurochem

    15:30-16:00 Tea break

    16:00-16:30 Smart Agriculture and Fertilizer – Prof Zhao Chunjiang, Director of National Agricultural Information Technology Engineering Research Center, china16:30-17:00 Additives help the development of fertilizer industry –Dr. Gregor Pasda,Agronomist, BASF

  • Forum 2: Agriculture and Fertilizer Collaborate to Protect Food Security host: Prof. Zhang Fusuo

    13:30-14:00 Chinese path for Modern Agriculture-- the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

    14:00-14:30 Experience of Israeli –Dr.Ran Erel, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

    14:30-15:00 Nutrient management in the European Union–Dr.Japp Schroder, Wagningen University

    15:00-15:30 Experience of North America–Prof Patrick Brown, UC Davis

    15:30-16:00 Tea break

    16:00-16:30 Experience of Japan –Prof Kanazawa, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan

    16:30-17:00 Experience of UK –Prof Martin Blackwell, Rothamsted Research

9:00-12:00 AM, August 29
  • Forum 3: Free Trade, Interconnection and Sharing

    09:00-09:30 Global fertilizer market, development trends and demand forecast –Mrs. Charlotte Hebebrand, Secretary General, IFA

    09:30-10:00 Global sulfur market and trend outlook --Mr. Allan Pickett, Principal Consultant for Phosphates and Potash, Fertecon

    10:00-10:30 The World’s Energy and Fertilizer- Ms. Keshni Sritharan, Consultant for urea market, CRU Group

    10:30-11:00 The current status and future of the Indian fertilizer market - Rakesh Kapur, Jt.Managing Director,Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited

    11:00-11:20 Tea break

    11:20-11:50 African agricultural profile, fertilizer demand potential and outlook–Dr.Luc Maene, Director of LM Agri Ltd、former Director General of IFA

    11:50-12:20 South American fertilizer demand and outlook – Prof Luiz Antonio Martinelli, Universidade de São Paulo

  • Forum 4: Green Production and Environmental Friendliness

    09:00-09:30 Sustainable development of phosphorus – Prof. Meiyi, Dean of faculty of chemical engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology

    09:30-10:00 Process of wet phosphoric acid –Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd

    10:00-10:30 Recycling of fluorine in the production process of phosphate fertilizer- Mr. Yangsanke, general manager of WengFu Group

    10:30-11:00 Compound fertilizer quality improvement technology – Mr.Liugang, vice president of Stanley Agriculture Group Co., Ltd.

    11:00-11:20 Tea break

    11:20-11:50 Progress and Practice of Comprehensive Utilization of Phosphogypsum in China – Mr. Yangzaiyin, Secretary General of Gypsum Building Materials Branch, China Building Materials Federation

    11:50-12:20 Experience, related policies and development directions of global phosphorus gypsum utilization- Dr. Hilton,IFA

    12:20-12:50 Use of data analytics to improve quality of phosphogysum –Mr. Yves Caprara, CEO,PRAYON S.A.

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