Global Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Industry

Development Conference

STANLEY AGRICULTURE GROUP CO., LTD becomes the BRONZE SPONSOR of Global Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Industry Development Conference


STANLEY AGRICULTURE GROUP CO., LTD (SAGC) is a fertilizer manufacturer found in  China in 1992. It has more than 9000 employees, with total assets of $968 million.

The annual production of compound fertilizer is 5.8 million tons. SAGC is the largest  high tower compound fertilizer production base in China. The revenue is 1.08 billion  US dollars in 2015. It is a publicly traded company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in  China (Stock name: Stanley. Stock code: CN002588). The brand value of Stanley is  more than 454 million US dollars. Our products include nitro compound fertilizer,  blend fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer and seaweed  fertilizer and so on.

SAGC set up the first compound fertilizer producing line with high tower technology  and successfully made rich content fertilize of 54% (18-18-18) in China. SAGC was  also the pioneer to adopt the SAP system in fertilizer industry in China. To ensure  high quality of the products, SAGC has established it own research center with broad collaborations at home and abroad. A marketing and sale franchise of 2000 full time  employee of SAGC are working diligently in 31 provinces all over China and the  products of SAGC also have been exported internationally including the United State  of America and African continent.